The team from Dignity came to visit us, click on the link below to read what we got up to. 

We had the wonderful team from Dignity come and visit us. We rely heavily on Dignity to provide us with period products such as pads, tampons and AWWA period underwear. Dignity helps provide free period products to all those who don’t have access to them and we are very grateful to Dignity for ensuring that we always have a good supply of period products. 

A huge thank you to Dignity for all of the incredible mahi that you do and to Organic Initiative and AWWA for supplying us with your products and supporting this awesome initiative. 

Pictured below (from left to right) is the Dignity General Manager, Lisa, the Coordinator from Wellington Women’s House, Neveh, and the Dignity Operations and Account Manager, Amy.

A picture of the team from Dignity and Wellington Women's House holding up period products.