Some of our former residents at the Wellington Women’s House have generously shared their stories with us.

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Nadia’s story

“I moved into Wellington Women’s House in January 2021. I was referred by a Shakti support worker, who mentioned that the House has proven to be a life-changing experience for their previous clients as well. Such positive feedback, and a brief research online followed by a meeting with staff was all very reassuring.

Any woman in need or in transition can find a safe haven at this house. From a weekly Kaibosh delivery to all the necessary amenities, the house has all that a woman can ask for or might need. The amount of activities and workshops they arrange at the house targets every important aspect of women’s life. During my 3 month’s stay, I have attended CV tailoring sessions, dress for success, a flat-hunting workshop, a beading class, yoga, zumba and a painting workshop —  and also a few pampering sessions like a haircut, makeup and skincare. I was also encouraged and enrolled for learning life skills such as swimming and driving that would be instrumental in my journey ahead personally. The regular presence of the Manager at the House makes me feel heard and understood and I get instant support when needed.

My participation in these activities helped me recover from the trauma I lived through — domestic violence followed by separation. It allowed me to heal, feel normal again and move on to a happier and better life with this newfound local support system. I am forever grateful to the staff for all the comfort and care they provide, working tirelessly to meet all of our needs at the House. Wellington Women’s House has truly been a blessing for me in my journey towards becoming more empowered, and transitioning into a confident woman who is not afraid to spread her wings.

Thank you!”

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* We've changed the women's names to ensure their privacy.