For the last 20 years, the Wellington Women’s House has provided temporary housing for women in transition or on low incomes. Your support helps us create a safe place for women to get back on their feet, and ready to move into affordable, permanent accommodation.

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If you’d like to make a donation to the House, we offer a number of ways to do this — from donating online through the website, to internet banking and payroll giving.

Support and donate

Direct credit

You can make a donation to the House through internet banking — our account details are:

Wellington Women’s House
Westpac 03-0578-0919195-001

Use your last name as the code to appear on our bank statement, then email your details to us at [email protected] and we’ll send you a receipt.

Payroll giving

You can donate money to us directly from your pay if your employer offers payroll giving. It’s an easy way to make a donation — you can set up a regular donation amount with your employer, and it will automatically come out of your pay before you receive it.

If your employer offers payroll giving and you want to set up a donation to us, let them know:

  • our organisation’s name: Wellington Women’s Boarding House Incorporated
  • our bank account number: 03-0578-0919195-001
  • how much you want to donate each pay
  • how often you want to donate — like weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, for example.

Find out more about payroll giving

Donate to our residents

We also appreciate any donations of things that our residents need, both while they're staying at the House, and when they're ready to move into their own accommodation.

Items we need

“We’re doing something really tangible to help our community — one woman at a time.” — Kate, volunteer.