Our house is more than just residents and staff — we’re part of a bigger community. That‘s why when lockdown was announced we went into action to protect those most vulnerable.

When we moved into Level 4, we started working to identify the people most at risk within our community. One of our residents works in essential services at a care home. To make her bubble as small as possible, and to reduce the risk of passing infection between our house and the care home residents, we moved her into an apartment for the duration of lockdown. We were able to do this thanks to your donations, and the Railways Staff Welfare Trust. 

We also isolated a resident who is over 70 in another apartment so she didn’t have to be restricted to just a bedroom. We’re staying in touch so no one feels lonely, and our support team are having regular check-ins.

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What else?

We’ve distributed food boxes from MSD and community donations to all our residents, and the people we provide outreach services to. We’ve also shared PPE from Wellington City Council, which has helped our staff and residents to look after both themselves and others.

And finally, Kaibosh have been fantastic — really amazingly keeping everything going for us by bringing regular fresh fruit and vegetables for our residents.

How can you help others in our community

Our friends at Kaibosh usually run their Make-a-Meal-in-May fundraiser this month, but things are a little different this time round. This year they're asking everyone to donate what you’d normally spend on a meal out, to put food on the table of those most in need. 

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