Did you know you can donate directly to us from your pay if your employer offers payroll giving?

Payroll giving offers an easy way to make a donation to your favourite charity or organisation. You can set up a regular donation amount with your employer, and it will automatically come out of your pay before you receive it. If your employer offers payroll giving, and you want to set up a donation to us, you’ll just need to let them know:

  • our organisation’s name: Wellington Women’s Boarding House Incorporated
  • our bank account number: 03-0578-0919195-001
  • how much you want to donate each pay
  • how often you want to donate — like weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, for example.

Your employer will do the rest!

At the Wellington Women’s House, getting regular donations through payroll giving means we can:

  • keep our accommodation affordable
  • provide services to residents — like advocacy, so they can access their entitlements
  • keep the lights on and the wifi running!

Your support helps us meet the needs of our residents, and helps them thrive in permanent homes.

Find out more about payroll giving — Govt.nz