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Kaibosh: Give a meal in May

Our awesome partners at Kaibosh are running their annual May Fundraiser and need your support.

New report from the University of Auckland

The University of Auckland published an article in April outlining the key struggles for people living on a benefit, and the ongoing effect of COVID-19 on people's financial situation.

Stuck home syndrome revisited

In April, Wellington Women's House was featured in an article by Capital Magazine.

Wellington rental prices continue to rise

Finding permanent housing for life after Wellington Women's House continues to be difficult.

A great start to 2021

It's been a great start to the year thanks to the support we receive from our incredible community.

Our 2020 year in review

It's been a challenging year for all of us, but for women with no permanent, stable, or safe housing, just getting though the national lockdown was a huge achievement.

Support our work through payroll giving

Did you know you can donate directly to us from your pay if your employer offers payroll giving?

December events at the House

Our support worker, Sophie, has been doing a great job running sessions for our residents, and inviting people into the House to give talks and hold workshops.

Combating loneliness

One of the challenges women face when they move into their own homes is isolation.

Living in lockdown

Our house is more than just residents and staff — we’re part of a bigger community. That‘s why when lockdown was announced we went into action to protect those most vulnerable.